As our bodies mature, it becomes more important to consistently strengthen and fortify our muscles and fine-tune our mobility.

Whether you are a runner, play golf or other sports, or want to move like you used to, Pilates is a powerful way to maintain and improve your athleticism and improve your overall physical condition.

Pilates is a high-precision (and non-impact) exercise; it is as mentally stimulating as challenging. After a laser-focused and mindful movement session, you will leave with improved posture, calm confidence, and a sense of mental clarity.

In our Pilates sessions, you’ll get something you won’t find in a traditional gym:

  • Movements targeted to help you reach your personal goals
  • Simplified instructions that are easy to follow
  • Vigorous workout without conventional weights and cardio
  • Non-impact exercises to improve your range of motion

Whether it’s a group session or 1:1, you can improve your precision, control and expand your flexibility and strength. With Pilates training, you will complement your other physical activities, satisfy your need for a challenging workout, and have fun doing it.

Carrie Mayer Boston Pilates Instructor smiling

Train with Carrie

Carrie Mayer in pilates class


In both virtual and in-person Pilates classes you will focus on strength and flexibility conditioning in a fun group setting.

On-Demand Pilates Training Videos


Sometimes, you need to workout on your own time. On-demand classes allow for that flexibility. You can work out anywhere, any time.

In studio training plank

Private Training

In-person or virtual 1:1 training offer an individualized training program that holds you accountable.

Carrie Mayer clapping during a class

Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition is at the heart of any solid wellness program. Make positive and sustainable changes with 1:1 nutrition coaching.


Pilates has been a godsend for me. It has given me focus on articulation, control, and coordination. I love the variety, with or without the equipment, as well as the general pace of its practice. The impact on my life is genuinely priceless. Carrie’s training made me a better version of myself.

Kirsten Leonard

I have been attending Carrie’s Pilates classes since 2006. Her teaching style encompasses all levels, from beginners to advanced, and continues to challenge me. Her thoughtful delivery and unique ability to provide just the right cue have helped me refine my practice and get the most out of every class.

Mary Ann Norton