Is Pilates just for ballet dancers and flexible people?

NO! Although Pilates is used to train ballet dancers and is excellent for them, it was not created for them. It is suitable for anyone looking to build strength and flexibility or to level up their physical fitness. That includes athletes of any level, someone whose job is physical ex: hair stylist, painter—basically, anyone who is looking to move more freely and better in their daily life.

Will I lose weight?

This is my least favorite question because it is an unfortunate focus of the wellness industry to make everyone feel like they have to lose weight. However, I do understand that weight loss is a concern for many people. The answer is, you will not lose weight from doing Pilates (or any exercise for that matter) only. You lose weight from how you eat, that is the cold hard truth, and there is no getting around it. That being said, you will feel better in your own skin, more confident, stand taller, and move better, and it will help any healthy eating plan.

Is Pilates Yoga?

The short answer is no.

The longer answer is (and I am simplifying for you yogis reading): Yoga is an ancient spiritual and physical discipline from India developed maybe as early as 900BC. Yoga uses breathing techniques, poses, postures, and meditation to help to improve health and happiness.

Pilates is a physical and mental discipline developed in the early 20th century by a man named Joseph Pilates. Pilates uses pose, postures, breathing, and apparatus to help improve health and happiness.

  • So both help improve health and happiness.
  • Both use poses, postures, movement, and breathing, just different techniques.
  • Both are mental, but yoga is more spiritual.
  • Pilates uses apparatus (or equipment)
Is Pilates relaxing or spiritual like yoga?

Is Pilates considered a mind/body exercise? What does that mean? It literally means you train your mind to control your body. This is powerful. Unlike yoga or meditation, you are moving the entire time. However, Pilates can be a moving meditation and leads to clear thinking and more confidence.