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Summertime doesn’t go by, and remember, Summer isn’t over yet, without a Sangria craving. The fruity wine drink is the perfect way to showcase summer fruits. It is also ideal for gatherings because you can make it in batches. With the abundance of peaches that we had this year, I created a white sangria recipe. My favorite part is the pretty pink color from the fresh peaches.

Honey Peach Sangria

This version is honey-sweet due to the German honey liquor. You can serve alone over ice or top it with some sparkling water to make a less sweet spritzer.

1.5 bottles of White Wine, I used AZ reisling (also good on its own)
1 cup of BÄRENJÄGER German honey liquor
1 sliced lemon, deseeded, rind, and peel removed
3-4 sliced peaches any variety
4 sprigs of lemon mint, destemmed

I let this sit for 24-48 hours to infuse all the flavors. It has a strong honey flavor from the liquor. After a few days, you can strain out the peaches and then cut new ones for a more polished look.

Alcohol-free Honey Peach Sangria

White grape juice, try and find the lowest sugar added or an alcohol-free white wine*

Honey syrup (you don’t need much)

2 sliced lemons, deseeded, rind, and peel removed

3-4 peaches

7 sprigs of lemon mint

Sparkling water to top off

Prepare the honey syrup by taking 1/2 cup of water and 1/2 cup of honey over medium heat. Stir until honey dissolves, and then let cool. Put white grape juice or alcohol-free white wine with fruit and honey syrup to infuse 24-48 hours. Serve over ice. I like to cut the sweetness with sparkling water.

*Please note that some alcohol-free wines can have trace amounts of alcohol. If you are sensitive to it, please check the labels. 

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