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Now is the time to add Pilates to your workout routine. The best way to do it is to start with small workout snippets. I have been home from work for five days. Consequently, I have decided to put my husband, Bob, in a Pilates Bootcamp. Bob has not done Pilates before, so this is the perfect opportunity to teach him and put out some great Pilates videos for anyone looking to start.

Tips for Starting Pilates

I will elaborate on these tips in the videos. Here are some basic tips to read before you start.

  • First, start small. Attempting to try an advanced or even intermediate class? Resist the urge. The exercises in the videos are simple but effective if done correctly. Start small and learn successfully, so you don’t hurt yourself.
  • Most important, find your pelvis. Yes, I said it! You need to get real with your pelvis. I teach most of my clients in a neutral pelvis. It’s best to figure this out from the start. I cover this in video 1 of Bob’s Pilates Bootcamp.
  • Next, mind your ribs. I remind my clients to connect their ribs all the time. This can be tricky but also important to master. It will get easier to connect to the ribs when you raise your head. Think of knitting the front sides of your ribs together. I cover this in video 2 of Bob’s Pilates Bootcamp.
  • Be careful of your neck. My clients who are new to Pilates often ask me if they should feel it in their neck. Short answer no, a longer answer is, you may. Like any part of your body, the muscles it takes to lift your head need strengthening. I cover this in video 2 and again in video 3 of Bob’s Pilates Bootcamp.
  • Above all, tune into the messages your body is sending. Does your back ache or hurt when you are doing an exercise? Well, something isn’t right. An adjustment needs to be made, or you progressed too fast. Listen to your body. Start figuring out the difference between muscle soreness from using new muscles and pain related to something potentially harmful.

Make Pilates a Part of Your Daily Routine

In conclusion, the videos we created are designed to be short snippets. You can do one every day. They will prepare you for more challenging exercises and longer classes. This will give you a solid starting point for your Pilates workouts and keep your body and mind working. Are you ready to start Session 1? Click below!

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